Marinarkeologisk utredning i Säveån

During two weeks in April maritime archaeologists completed an archaeological survey of Säveån from Gamla Staden (Nya Lödöse) 1,3 km uppstream past SKF.

Fieldwork was postponed a week due to strong current. After a weeks respite it was ‘all go’ for the team. Säveåns water level was still higher than optimal for diving but it was deemed to be within resonable limits. However this was not to be the case. Several areas could not be dived during the first week of the survey since the flow was still to strong. Check out the video of archaeologist Matthew Gainsford who during week one completes a drift dive in strong current.

During week two water levels in Säveån had reduced almost to half of what they had been previously. We completed the areas that were not surveyed and set about documenting the pole structures that we had found. Dating samples were also taken of all but one structure. In the video maritime archaeologist Delia Ní Chíobhain Enkvist has just sawed of a sample for dendro analysis.

We were pleasently surprised that during the survey we located so many structures and cultural deposits. During the survey a total of six pole structures were located within the survey area. Remains of cultural deposits were located in two main areas; within the monument Göteborg 218:1 (Gamla Staden) and further upstream in an area between two ‘landerier’ that are first depicted on maps from the late 1600s.


An oak pole/pile from one of the six structures (Anläggning 6)

Ceramics from monument Göteborg 218:1